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A beautifully illustrated  daily journal for cyclical living.

A chance to understand who you are each day, each month, each season. 

We offer you a space to explore your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and seasonal cycle all in one place. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to the menopause transition or for anyone wanting to understand their cyclical ways.

What's inside >

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The simple art of paying attention and witnessing our cycle shifts, leads us to really meet our inner tendencies and step into our power.

May you court your feelings, gather the insight, and connect the dots. Enjoy!

Susanna & Liz

Wild Wisdom Journal


“A beautifully crafted journal and a lovely anchor that is accessible and inclusive for all points along your menstruality journey” 

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer,

Founders of Red School, authors of Wild Power and Wise Power


1% back to the Earth
We make a charitable donation for each journal sold

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