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What to expect

  • Week-to-view diary with a daily invitation  to check-in with how you are feeling and land home within yourself  

  • Inspirational weekly prompts consciously designed to reflect the lunar phase and seasonal flow of the year

  • Opportunities to deepen into your menstrual cycle tendencies or menopause journey

  • Understand your relationship with the Moon with monthly lunar reflections and prompts to fill in

  • Seasonal  offerings to download and enjoy 

  • Track and record your patterns with specially designed menstrual, lunar and seasonal cycle dials

  • Tools to help you connect with how you are feeling

  • Moon calendar 

  • Additional downloadable resources

  • Space to dream and invite creativity

  • Journey through the year with hundreds of Wild Wisdomers in our private Facebook community

  • Charity donation for each journal purchased 

  • We also include a handy guide to cyclical living:  detailing the wisdom of the menstrual cycle, menopause, Moon cycle and seasonal cycle.

  • Learn how to track your menstrual cycle journey - whether you're just starting out or during menopause.

  • Get to know the changing phases of the Moon and how they affect you.

  • Deepen your understanding of how the seasonal wheel turns and how nature holds us in her infinite wisdom.

A peek inside

of our beautiful

Wild Wisdom Journal 2024

 Wild Wisdom Journal 2024 out now!

About Us


Our creative journey

Liz and Susanna began to dream into this journal back in 2020, and in what felt like a daring moment, decided to bring it to life. Our first publication was born 9 months later and we have been joyfully rippling it out into the world ever since. We have helped hundreds of women connect with their cycles and are excited to see our third edition come to life!

The Wild Wisdom Journal is for anyone who might like to understand more about who they are each day, each month, each season. We are not the same woman every day - forever changing, presenting as a different version of ourselves each day, each week, each season. As you travel through the year, get to know the seasons of your menstrual cycle, the lunar phases and the outer seasons of the year and how they work you.

Notice how your energy waxes and wanes just like the moon, and acknowledge how the seasons affect your habits. The simple art of paying attention and witnessing our cycle shifts, leads us to really meet our inner tendencies and step into our power.

May you court your feelings, gather the insight, and connect the dots.

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1% back to the Earth
We make a charitable donation for each journal sold

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