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November Offering

Happy Hygge month! As nights are growing longer and darker, it's lovely to light a candle at twilight as a reminder to connect to your inner hearth. We invite you to hunker down for an 'electric free evening' - always fun and deeply restorative. Look out for sloes in the hedgerows to make gin!


Try making this delicious sloe gin recipe in the autumn months and enjoy a warming sup in the colder months. It also makes the perfect personal Christmas gift for any gin lover.

Candlenight nidra

Here is a candlelight nidra to relax with

Liz and Susanna's Autumn read

An alternative and unique perspective on our understanding of menopause.

This groundbreaking book offers a response to the call of women to listen deeply to the wisdom of their bodies as they go through the change and stages of peri-menopause and menopause.

In modern times, even with the increased awareness of recent years, the overriding response is management and relief of symptoms. However, in this book Reva provides a revolutionary approach to menopause, perceiving this transition as a rite of passage and alchemical process.

Through her own experience Reva acts as a guide in allowing women to connect with their bodies and awareness though contemplation, as well as suggesting practices to support a deepening of women's exploration of menopause, including yoga, meditation and ritual.

Within these pages, Reva will provide women with a sense of trust, and wider perspective as they discover more about their bodies, their perceptions, learning from, rather than fearing this time of change.

With love,

Liz & Susanna


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