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May 2024

Welcome Wild Wisdomers to the fifth month of our journal. We are so pleased that you have decided to join us and journey along with us throughout the seasonal flow of the year.

As you use your journal, you'll find monthly seasonal offerings which you can access by following the link in the journal. April's is below! You may also like to sign up to our newsletter at the top of the page to make sure you don't miss out on the latest news, offers and extra offerings. We also have a lovely Facebook Community that you are invited to join.

May Offering

As the land warms, we begin to notice new life returning.

If you can, you may like to pause cutting your grass this month, embracing 'No Mow May'.

No Mow May is Plantlife’s annual campaign calling all 15 million garden owners in the UK not to mow during May, liberating their lawns and providing a space for nature, letting the wildflowers in their lawns bloom, providing a feast for nectar-hungry bees, butterflies and more.


This month we celebrate Beltane - the spring fertility festival, welcoming the period of growth to come. On 1st May we celebrate the Gaelic festival of May Day. It is roughly half way between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This is the real mid-point in the seasons and we are well and truly in Spring. Here are some lovely suggestions on how you can seek out pleasure in the season and step into your light.

Beltane is a time when we can feel the evidence of the lengthening days . We can feel the warming of the Earth and can witness the rising energy of nature all around.

All around us nature is bursting into life & colour, as she re-emerges anew, full of possibility.

This is a time to be in 'awe' - to wonder at just how beautiful nature is. It’s a time of joy and passion. Of new life as we witness the fertility present in nature: from new shoots emerging, our gardens blossoming with colour and the sound of the bees beginning to emerge from their winter slumber. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, is showing us how to come back.

Find your Pleasure!

Now is the perfect time to indulge in pleasure. Our sexual energy is a creative force that atunes with the power of nature.

Connecting with our own sexuality helps us to connect with the part of us that creates things.

Have sex with a partner or alone! Enjoy = be in joy!

  • What fills your pleasure pot?

  • How would you like to play and have fun?

Liz and Susanna's Spring read

Most of us have a conversation we’re avoiding.

From the bestselling author of With the End in Mind, this is a book about the conversations that matter and how to have them better – more honestly, more confidently and without regret.

A child coming out to their parent. A family losing someone to terminal illness. A friend noticing the first signs of someone’s dementia. A careers advisor and a teenager with radically different perspectives.

There are moments when we must talk, listen and be there for one another. Why do we so often come away from those times feeling like we could have done more, or should have been braver in the face of discomfort? Why do we skirt the conversations that might matter most?

By bringing together stories with a lifetime’s experience working in medicine and the newest psychology, Mannix offers lessons for how we can better speak our mind and help when others need to.

With love,

Liz & Susanna


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