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We would love to support you as much as possible in connecting with your inner seasons and outer connection to nature. The more we live in tune with the natural cycles, the closer we get to ourselves, the more harmony we feel. Do come back and check out what's on offer here throughout the year, and also remember to connect with our FB community to receive more support.

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Our aim is to journey together throughout the year through the seasonal, flow of the year. You can connect with us in our Wild Wisdom Facebook Community.

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Facebook Group

  • Join our Facebook community group to ask questions about your journal, for special offers and updates on all things cyclical!

Autumn Leaves


  • Inspiring book lists

  • Links to the wayshowers

  • Yoga nidra meditations

  • Playlists

  • Menstrual, lunar and seasonal dials

  • Seasonal blog rituals

  • Discounts on period pants!

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