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Wild Wisdom Journal 2023 coming soon....


The journal is wrapped in the loving arms of nature-embraced design. Each day you can check in with how you are experiencing the world and note down how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each page shows clearly where the Moon is in her monthly phase and the time of the actual point of new/full/half Moons is marked too, plus the seasonal festivals in the year. Each month you can deepen into understanding your cyclical ways with prompts, exercises and offerings.

Choose the cycle you most identify with to access cyclical living and let that inform your understanding of the other cycles.

 We are cyclical beings, held within deep cycles of nature. 

This journal is for anyone who wants to track their cyclical ways.

Young girls getting to know their cyclical rhythms...

Women wanting to understand their menstrual cycle to conceive

Creatives wanting to harness a way to work optimally

Busy mums needing an anchor to return to themselves

Perimenopausers wanting to make sense of their transition

Postmenopausers guiding with a cosmic rhythm

You can track your menstrual cycle, noting how you feel throughout the month, charting your moods and tendencies according to your cycle.

You can guide with the lunar cycle and understand more about how the moon influences you. If you no longer menstruate, have very long cycles, are in peri/menopause or do not have a womb, then you can use the moon cycle as your guide.

You can flow with the seasonal cycle, and let nature inspire your way, noticing how you shift with the changing tides of the year.