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AWAKEN - Spring

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Today is the beginning of AWAKEN. An invitation to begin to look up and notice Spring all around. If you're not signed up to our newsletters, then click on the link on our homepage and receive offerings from Liz and Susanna over the next three weeks.

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, to celebrate new life and new beginnings. Things are beginning to shift in us – our energy, habits, returning to balance. The seasonal energy is stirring us from slumber. We are called to awake anew, fresh from our winter hibernation, and to begin to walk forward into the year.

It’s a time to lay the ground work, dream in the new and plant seeds. Collecting ideas and reflecting on possible paths, planning and deciding…but not taking action.

Each and every day the light is returning. Some feel that Spring is more of a ‘start of the year’ than January, as we now have the energy of the earth with us.

At this point, as we approach the Spring Equinox we can find the urge to spring clean and begin new habits as our energy can feel like it is returning. However, there is no rush, we are only just wakening up. If we imagine the whole seasonal year was the equivalent of a day - a 24hr period, then mid March would be the equivalent of 6-8am. So, we are taking waking moments, slowly landing and staying slow.

It’s also a great time to pause and feel into where you are, like placing a marker on a map. You can look back to what was moving through you at the time of Winter Solstice and see where you are now.

We invite you to take out your Wild Wisdom Journal on the seasonal pages, or your notebook, or indeed the back of an old envelope (or use the notes feature of your phone) and ponder the following journal prompts...

Journal prompts

Here are some prompts to help you feel into:

What has landed for you over Winter?

How are you feeling the need for balance?

What are you wanting to grow in the year ahead? Dream big!

Where does your spirit need nurturing as you grow forwards?

Feel free to share any insights over on the Wild Wisdom Community

Liz and Susanna's Spring read

I am inhaling Second Spring. I've read it cover to cover over a long weekend, battened down from storm, and it's blooming brilliant! It feels like a warm hug from a trusty friend, or big sister, who has walked this path ahead of me and is sharing the wisdom. I just love the tone it sets, and such good humour - I've found myself laughing out loud often and reading bits to my partner. It's helping me make sense of the phases of the perimenopause transition in a way I haven't grasped before, it really puts flesh on the bones and offers a very real, practical, nourishing way forward in a no messing kind of way. - Susanna

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