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Liz Berwick


Liz is a gentle soul with a curious spark. She is  nature-led and loves creating.  With a real thirst for knowledge, she is happiest with a book in her hand and a new project on the go. 

In awe of the Earth (and universe) around her, Liz loves a spot of star-gazing and a late night chat with the Moon. 

You can find Liz teaching or baking up a storm in her organic cake business, Simply Scrumptious; pottering in the garden; foraging; or taking a wild dip. Throughout the year, you’ll find her invitations to cook up some tasty treats, inspired by nature with a dollop of fun.

 “This year I have really begun to layer my menstrual cycle understanding alongside the Moon cycles. I find it fascinating to see how differently I experience my “inner seasons”, depending on which lunar phase we are in. As I head on my journey towards peri-menopause, I am grateful that I have the knowledge and deep grounding in my own inner cycles. I am learning to say ‘no’ more and ‘fuck-it’ even more than ever!” Liz

Find Liz's organic baking at Simply Scrumptious Cupcakes

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