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Three Wild Women


We three have known each other for many years now, meeting at Susanna's Pregnancy Yoga classes. We are menstrual aware and live by the rhythm of our cycles. It has been life changing for all of us.

Liz & Susanna decided to create this journal back in 2020 for themselves as they could not find one that gave them what they wanted - a space to track their menstrual cycles, know what the Moon is up to and understand how the season we are in affected it all. They  were delighted that spiritual artist Sarah joined them to provide the beautiful illustrations.

Keen Moon-gazer Liz wanted a beautiful, feminine space to track her menstrual cycle alongside the lunar phases, instead of juggling three different diaries that she was only half-filling-in. Susanna is a self-confessed journal-aholic. She loves writing at length and pondering prompts. She was struggling to find an inspiring space to record her tendencies, especially her lengthening cycles and her perimenopausal changing ways. Sarah has brought the visual to life with her stunning nature-inspired illustrations throughout the journal which make each page a joy to fill in. We hope you love it as much as we do and are proud to have it sitting on your bedside table. 

Our mission is to help women tune in to themselves, recognise their inner and outer rhythms and honour their needs. The simple act of checking in with yourself every day is the most incredible orientation to help you set your path forwards and care for yourself.

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